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horizontal string thinner was at 1 mph, the peach crop load was reduced by approx. 50% • Vertical string thinner trials on pome fruit indicated mechanical thinning may be more effective in removing lateral blossoms (that produce smaller fruit) than chemical thinners.

Even today, many cultures, including Asian and Hispanic, still generally prefer white peaches for their sweeter taste and lower acidity. Here in the United States however, many people prefer yellow peaches, which offer a hint of acidic flavor that balances the sweetness. And it’s the yellow peach that grows best in Florida.

Use of a String Blossom Thinner in Canning Peaches: Year One Roger Duncan & Maxwell Norton. CA Canning Peach Association. Molded plastic cords can be removed or cut for different thinning effects. Effect of Darwin String Thinner on Hand Thinning Costs B.

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The efficiency of string thinner Darwin 300 was assessed in peach and nectarine orchards trained to perpendicular Y or central leader. Trees were mechanically thinned at 150-180 rpm rotor speed and 6-7 km/h vehicle speed; hand thinned trees served as control.

A liquid substance used to thin the consistency of another liquid. ”Turpentine or mineral spirits can be used as a thinner for oil based paints. Something that thins. ”Pomegranate juice and exercise are great natural blood thinners. The new type of mechanical thinner allowed thinning of peach blossoms to be completed earlier.

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The Central leader system (CL) (Figure 2) is being used in some peach orchards, especially by apple growers who are comfortable with the training system. Major characteristics: This system is similar to the central leader training system commonly used in apple orchards.

The string thinner evaluated in 2007 (Darwin 300, Fruit-Tec, Deggenhausertal, Germany) was designed to thin narrow vertical canopies and therefore was evaluated on peach trees trained to either a perpendicular V or quadrilateral V system; a prototype designed in 2008 was

Bill Shane, Michigan State University Extension Fruit and Marketing Educator, outlines the effectiveness of the Darwin String Thinner on open center and Palmette peach tree training systems. The presentation was part of the Peach and Plum Variety Showcase held Aug. 27 at the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center in Benton Harbor, Mich.

Schupp will use the vertical Darwin and the drum shaker. in several new ways for the second round of research. This year, they will use the drum shaker as a blossom thinner in addition to a green fruit thinner. They will also test a combi-nation of the two machines, using the Darwin at bloom and the drum shaker for green fruit.

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1.1 Darwin string thinner In the 1990s, Hermann Gessler, a fruit grower in the Bodensee area of Germany developed and patented a thinning machine known as the Darwin (Figure 1). Figure 1. Darwin string thinner. The Darwin is now widely used incommercial orchards in Europe to thin apples grown on the Fruit Wall System and some are in use in the UK.

promising thinner programs for the Mid-Atlantic peach and nectarine industry. The objectives were: 1) to provide peach and nectarine growers with local, science-based information about the optimal use patterns of chemical and mechanical thinners and 2) to help orchardists make informed decisions about how best to use peach thinners to reduce

Darwin String Thinner. While the Darwin works great for thinning blossoms on trellised and hedged peach trees, it doesn’t work on more traditional tree shapes. Now Bavaro and others with traditional orchards can also benefi t from blossom thinning. “I’ve used it for 2 seasons, and I’m gaining a minimum of 1 1/2 tons per acre,” says Bavaro.

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Mechanical thinning can be accomplished by using a Darwin String Thinner, which is mounted on a tractor and used during bloom. While use of the machine does not preclude the need for follow-up hand thinning of fruit, it can result in greater fruit size and uses substantially less labor.

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