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"For studying diseases, there’s no substitute for watching live cells interact. However, conventional technologies are limited in their ability to show such detail," said the paper’s lead author,

Scientific Pluralism and Inconsistency Toleration Dunja Šešelja † [email protected] ABSTRACT In this paper I examine the problem of inconsistency toleration in the context of scientific pluralism.

After Rockefeller’s unceremonious ejection, the yacht was then buzzed by Blackhawk helicopters before French fighter jets gave a warning pass overhead, whereupon the helicopters retreated.

JAMA’s editorial board retracted six studies co-authored. Moreover, many researchers see the dubious approach as fueling a crisis in social sciences in which findings from key studies—like.

Now It’s Primed For A Comeback Back near the start of this century, before the full damage of Andrew Wakefield’s debunked study linking measles vaccine and autism became clear and social.

Scientists at University of Utah Health and Middlesex Community College led the research study in collaboration with colleagues at University of Michigan and University of Iowa. The results will be.

5 Molecules Essential For Life In particular, we develop an unbiased drug-selection-based platform feasible for high-throughput screening in hPSCs and this screening system enables us to identify small molecules. Serum. This is another indication that complex organic chemistry, and potentially the conditions necessary for life. of complex organic molecules—including a group of molecules known as cyanides. Cyanides. April 1, 2019

The journal agreed to simply correct (not retract) the paper, and issued the notice Dec. and All-Cause Mortality in Sexual Minority Populations” (published in Social Science & Medicine in February.

The study was published online March 27 in JAMA Psychiatry. Previous research has suggested that an urban upbringing is.

People who are diagnosed with a major mental disorder are at greater risk of being diagnosed with another, according to a new Danish study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry. at Aarhus.

The findings, involving 30 patients, were published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology. Scientists estimate that Alzheimer’s-related plaques begin accumulating in the brain two decades before the onset.

Legislation and Health Care. The current trend in this country is to regulate the ownership of wolf hybrids. This is being done at State, county and city levels.

Re: “Why money meanings matter in decisions to donate time and money”, this was retracted following Hal Pashler et al.’s querying aspects of the data in Study #3 (out of 3 in the paper.). The authors denied wrongdoing. They requested a partial retraction of Study #3 however on the grounds of unspecified “coding errors” in the dataset.

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Even if science editors were interested in publishing stories that aren’t of much interest to their readers, the social-media distribution ecosystem. and the university now roundly condemns and the.

Brian Wansink is an American researcher and professor who works in consumer behavior and marketing research.He is the former executive director of the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (2007–2009) and held the John S. Dyson Endowed Chair in the Applied Economics and Management Department at Cornell University, where he directed the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.

Having written previously about journal acceptance to publication times, it is high time I looked at the other important time that affects publication speed: submission to first decision time. As I explained in the previous post, the time from submission to publication in a peer reviewed journal can be split into three phases, the two […]

Nicole Racine receives funding from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Sheri Madigan receives funding from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Canada Research Chairs.

Fontem Ventures, a subsidiary of Imperial Brands plc, is a leader in vaping technology and owns e-vapour brand blu, as well as a lifestyle energy brand Reon.

The Liberty Manifesto P. J. O’Rourke – Cato Inst. All we have is the belief that people should do what people want to do, unless it causes harm to other people.

Did Organisms Survive The Ice Age "Although cold-adapted animals fared better during the colder glacial periods, they still managed to find places where the climate was just right–refugia–to survive during warmer interglacial. To move forward you needed solid experimental proof. What obstacles did you encounter? We had been trying to infect animals to see if they would develop ulcers. 5 Molecules

Understanding best practices in perioperative care is critical for quality of care for our urologic patients. In the third part of this white paper series, we provide a summary of key elements to optimize postoperative care in adult urologic surgery.

But there is some solid evidence that if the use of the devices is paired with incentives like rewards, challenges and leaderboards (“gamified,” in social science parlance. A separate study.

In a new study published in the scientific journal JAMA Psychiatry. (2015, June 17). Individuals with social phobia have too much serotonin — not too little. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 4, 2019.

Earth Space Science Study Guide Answers The Blue Planet. Earth is known as the ‘blue planet’ because it is covered with water and from space it is seen as bright blue. Water occurs in many forms on Earth, and it is naturally present in. "Living things are adapted," study co-author Samuel Levin, a doctoral candidate in zoology at the University of

the zombietime blog. Zombie, you are my hero for reporting this kind of thing. “Is Holdren seriously suggesting that “some” people contribute to social deterioriation more than others, and thus should be sterilized or forced to have abortions, to prevent them from propagating their kind?”

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Repressed memories are memories that have been unconsciously blocked due to the memory being associated with a high level of stress or trauma. The theory postulates that even though the individual cannot recall the memory, it may still be affecting them subconsciously, and that these memories can emerge later into the consciousness. Ideas on repressed memory hiding trauma from awareness.

If the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), independent scientists, and fisheries experts all know a claim in an article is hopelessly flawed why would the journal Marine.

In a study recently published in Science, the researchers used genetic analyses to show that while cooperative groups of the soil bacterium M. xanthus do consist of closely related cells, the number.

Susan Haack The Integrity of Science: What It Means, Why It Matters Ética e Investigação nas Ciências da Vida – Actas do 10º Seminário do CNECV CNECV, Lisboa, 2007 pp. 9-28 THE INTEGRITY OF SCIENCE: WHAT IT MEANS, WHY IT MATTERS Susan Haack I am not fond of expecting catastrophes, but there are cracks in the universe.

Five new JAMA and JAMA Internal Medicine studies published online compare a variety of health outcomes in men with low testosterone who used testosterone. Four of the five testosterone-related studies.

Because people often talk about these topics with others in online forums and on social media, exploring these conversations is one of the preliminary steps in our broader formative social science.

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